hi sorry it took my so long to find your blog im the girl from circusworld that hat a vriska serct t-shirt

Hi :) glad you found me!

The Breakfast Club (1985, Directed by John Hughes)

I may look innocent but goddamn my thoughts are filthier than a whore’s mind

#BDSM Problems


When you become so used to typing a specific response that you almost send a “thank you” text to your mother with the word “Sir” attached.


I’m an intelligent submissive.


I need you to be an intelligent Dominant. 

If I’m smarter than you, I will find loopholes in your ways. I will talk my way out of your punishments. I will bullshit all over you. 

I need to know that you will stick to your beliefs. I need to know that you will give me exactly what I need. 

I have to know that you know what’s best for me. You cannot let me walk all over you. 

For that, intelligence is crucial.

god i hate loveing him..
me: *walks into school*
person: *looks at me*
me: they probably think i'm ugly
me: they probably don't like me
me: they probably hate me
me: everyone probably hates me


i feel like if a girl touches your dick you should be nice to her and make her laugh and do cool things for her besides rub her clit. like hey lets go to the aquarium cuz thanks for puttin my balls in your mouth


I was hungry

 Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

 Kurt VonnegutA Man Without a Country